Checklist on what to look for during the house hunting

Buying the perfect home: What to look for during the house hunt?

Before you start looking for your dream home there are a few things to complete and consider in advance. First things first, if you currently own and home and are planning to sell ensure your house is marketable. That means your home will hold or increase in value while it is safe and functional for the potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing your home.


Now that you are ready to buy your home, check out the list below of online information you could take care of to prepare yourself.

  • Search for the perfect neighborhood
  • Calculate potential commute time to school, work, etc.
  • Find out the crime statistics in the local area
  • Are there any environmental concerns to look into?
  • Search for the average household income in the area
  • Local school quality and important information


Before you write your offer get an inspection to ensure the house is safe and doesn’t require too much work and extensive repairs. Ask your realtor to write some contingencies into the contract in this case so you have about a week or two to get the property inspected. If any items are flagged during the inspection you can likely renegotiate your contact due to the extra repairs.


Lastly, it’s time to contact one of our mortgage experts here at Purpose Funding. We are here to answer your questions and set you up for money saving success.


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Open House Tips for Homebuyers on a Mission

What do higher home prices mean for buyers this Spring?

As home pricing continue to increase, how will this affect people looking to purchase this season? Due to a low inventory of homes we have seen a hike in home prices which can be hard on buyers, especially first-time home buyers.

Traditionally, Spring is buying season- consumers are motivated to start the house hunt. However, due to the increase we are worried about the competition in the housing market. To put it in simple terms, we have an issue with supply and demand.

Don’t get your hopes up, we have good news to share! Due to low inventory, now is a good time to sell. Looking to downsize, upsize or relocate? Eager buyers await any market updates to see which homes become available. Meaning your home will likely sell quicker then usually at a good price.

As rates are still historically low, buying a home now is more affordable compared to 20 years ago. Homeownership is still a great long-term investment in comparison to renting- invest in your future.

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Things Every Homeowner Should Know Before Buying a House

5 Things Every Home Buyer Should Know

Benefits of Renting vs. Owning a Home

What are the benefits of buying vs. renting?

When looking for a place to call home one might ask themselves, “Should I buy or rent?”.

Here are 10 reasons on why you should buy a home instead of rent:

  1. Energy Efficiency

When you are a homeowner you can make energy-efficient improvements that will reduce costs. Simple improvements like adding insulation to upgrading your air conditioning unit can help reduce your monthly utility bill.

  1. Customize your Space

Make your home fit your needs and customize it to fit your lifestyle. If you want to knock down a wall to make a room larger or redo the kitchen you have the ability to do as you please.

  1. Less Furniture

As weird as this sounds, homeowners are likely to purchase less furniture then those who rent. When renting a property, you need to purchase furniture that fits that space. When buying a home for the long haul you can keep key pieces that fit your home.

  1. Investing in Yourself

While homeowners have to pay for their mortgage on a monthly basis they are investing in their home. Instead of spending your monthly income on rent, fancy meals and new shoes- homeowners are saving and putting that money towards a home they own.

  1. Another Income Stream

As a homeowner you can find ways to get that additional income stream. From renting a spare bedroom to renting out driveway space to commuters, you can even rent out small patches of grass for people who want to grow vegetables (in select cities).

  1. No Landlord!

Don’t leave fate to your landlord’s hands- unexpected eviction notice or extreme rules. This is also important for those who start a family or seniors that wouldn’t be able to just pick up their belongings and find a new place to call home with little to no notice.

  1. Home Repairs on your watch

When relying on a landlord it can take ages to fix appliances or clean out air vents. Simple repairs can be fixed easily when you’re in charge! If you need something done you are able to make a call and have a professional solve your repair issues when you need them.

  1. Fixed-Mortgage Rates

Fixed mortgage rates don’t increase, even if the cost of everything else does. It is suggested to make a 20 percent down payment and take out a 30-year fixed mortgage to lock in today’s low interest rates.

  1. Tax-Deductions

Homeowners have the ability to deduct mortgage interest payments as well as eligible expenses such as energy efficient improvements.

  1. Take Advantage of Low rates

When interest rates are low you can scope out the best deals that will benefit you. We can see that prices of homes have dropped while rent pricing has increased. Therefore, purchasing a home at a fixed-mortgage rate will most likely be beneficial in the long run.




Preparing for an Open House Checklist

How to manage stress during the house hunt?

Buying a home can be extremely stressful, even if you aren’t looking to buy “right now”. The process can be tough. Here are a few tips to take into consideration and manage your stress during the house hunt.

Know what you want

Before you start looking take some time to think of what you want it a home. We suggest making a list, perhaps creating a pros and cons list! This way you can communicate with your realtor and set the guidelines before the search begins.

Start looking in advance

Give yourself enough time to look at houses and settle the idea of potentially calling a place your new home. Don’t wait till you NEED to find a home. This little step will remove a large portion of the stress and will also help avoid any “impulse” decision making.

Get pre-approved

We suggest getting pre-approved for your mortgage loan in advance. This will save time and ensure you are good to go! If you don’t manage to get pre-approved this will give you some time to clean up your credit score and finalize what kind of budget you have when looking for your new home.

Be a note taker

After checking out homes and going to a few open houses you may start to forget what interested you on a specific property. We recommend taking notes at every property to help you compare and contrast when making the decision. Note down key selling points, location, surrounding areas, and things that you did not like.

Don’t get attached

Don’t fall to hard when you think you found the home for you. Keep the sentiments out during this process; avoid planning out furniture, baby bedrooms and such for now. There is a chance that someone may purchase the house before you or have a better offer. We suggest keeping a casual attitude and keeping your options open.

VA Loan & Mortgage Loans for Veterans

List & Explanation of Tax deductions for homeowners

Tax season is here! If you own a home you should maximize your tax breaks.

Here are some home-owning related tax breaks to file this year!

Interest on home-improvement loan

If you own a second home, the mortgage interest paid may be deductible as long as you spend at least 14 days or 10% of the fair rental days (whichever is longer) in the home.

Property tax

Property taxes are almost always tax-deductible. Did you know, Military service members can also write off real estate taxes and home mortgage interest even if they receive a housing allowance?

Residential energy-efficient tax credit

If you made efforts to make your home more energy efficient by installing equipment like storm doors, energy-efficient windows, asphalt or metal roofs, insulation, air-conditioning and heating systems, you may be eligible for a tax credit of up to $500.

Renewable-energy tax credit

If you’ve installed “green” equipment that uses renewable sources of energy to help power your home, you may be eligible for the Renewable Energy Efficiency Property Credit. You are eligible for this tax credit up to about 30% of the cost of the equipment, including installation costs!

Home expenses and improvement

Although you can’t write off the cost of home improvement, such as the materials and the labor. You can write off the interest if you took out a home loan to pay the contractor and to purchase the materials.


A Homeowner's Guide To A Cash-Out Refinance

Why is Cash out refinancing right for you?

Purpose Funding offers you many loan options determined by which fits your needs. One of the loan options that we specialize in includes Cash-Out Refinance.

What is a cash-out refinance?

With cash-out refinancing you can refinance your mortgage for more then you currently owe. Meaning, you will take the difference in cash. Cash-out refinance can also be referred to as cash-out refi.

How does it work?

An example would be if you purchased your home a few years ago and have been contributing to your mortgage each month, your increasing the value of your home. You owe less on a home that is now worth more.

Now you have the chance to lower your rate or gain some extra cash to pay for home remodeling or renovations.

In the example provided, you are able to refinance over the $80,000 you currently owe your mortgage. In order to get cash you could refinance an amount over the $80,000, the balance will be the cash you could use for remodeling your home.

Ensure you can qualify for the loan by providing proof that you can afford to keep up with the monthly payments. Proof would include documents such as income, assets and depts.

Why cash-out refinance?

Majority of clients get a cash-out refinance in order to pay for home improvements, as this also improves equity because you are adding to the home’s value. There are also some clients who utilize cash-out refinancing to pay for college tuition.

Is cash-out refinancing right for you?

Getting a cash-out refinance is beneficial in many ways. Take advantage of your equity by eliminating high interest car, credit cards and student loans. Increase your home value with renovations, use the cash to take your family on vacation, or pick up an investment property to increase your income.

Find out if you are eligible by speaking with one of our of team members today, give us a call at (844)427-3863

Debt Consolidation Refinance

How can debt consolidation through refinance benefit you?

Turn your monthly payments into one low payment and pay less overall. Unlike credit card interest, your interest on your mortgage can be tax delectable. If you have two mortgages we can consolidate them in order to significantly reduce your monthly mortgage payment through refinancing.

Refinancing can help you consolidate your high interest debt by possibly using your equity to refinance your current mortgage and receive cash at a low interest rate to pay off your debt.

Your home equity is the appraised value of your home, not including the amount you still own. The more equity you have, the more money you may receive from options like a cash-out refinance.

Purpose Funding can help you pay off your higher-interest debts so you can improve your credit rating.

What are some loan options to consolidate your debt?

  • FHA loan- refinance your debt into one low-cost loan today.
  • 15-year fixed-rate loan- pay off your mortgage in a 15-year timeframe.
  • 30-year fixed-rate loan- pay off your mortgage in a 30-year timeframe.
  • VA loan- specialized for veterans and active military members to consolidate debt with a low fixed rate.

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Essential Tips for New Homeowners

New Year, New Homeowner Tips

Welcome the new year with a new home! As one of the biggest investments many of us will make is buying a home, mistakes can be costly. In order to help new homeowners here are some useful tips that will help you begin the home buying process.

Determine how much home you can afford and what you would like your payments to be – Before you start looking for a place to call home, strategically think about your price range.

Check your credit – This can determine your interest rate and loan terms, check to see if there are any errors that may be bringing your score down. You can also take a look at what opportunities you have to improve your credit, such as paying any large outstanding debts. You can also avoid opening any new credit accounts during the mortgage process to keep you score up.

Know that there will be closing costs – In addition to saving for a down payment, you should budget for an additional 2% and 5% of your loan amount. These costs can be lowered by negotiating with the seller or your real estate agent’s commission.

Money for after move-in day- Set aside a buffer to pay for what will fill you home; furnishings, appliances, rugs, updated fixtures, new paint amongst other things.

Consider HOA- decide what type of property you are looking to purchase, be sure to research and ask if there are any homeowners associate fees (HOA) on the home.

Pick the right neighborhood- take a look at local safety and crime statistics, proximity of the nearest hospital, pharmacy, grocery store and other amenities you will frequently use. It is recommended to also research local schools, even if you don’t have kids as this affects the home’s value. You may also drive through the neighborhood on various days at different time to see how traffic, noise and activity levels are.

Be prepared to compromise- nothing is perfect, think carefully as to what you are willing to compromise and what you wouldn’t.

Schedule your Purpose Funding consultation- take some time to speak with one of our mortgage experts and learn about the different options that fit your needs. Our Mortgage Experts can look at your situation and structure the loan to your specific needs and situation.

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