Checklist on what to look for during the house hunting

Buying the perfect home: What to look for during the house hunt?

Before you start looking for your dream home there are a few things to complete and consider in advance. First things first, if you currently own and home and are planning to sell ensure your house is marketable. That means your home will hold or increase in value while it is safe and functional for the potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing your home.


Now that you are ready to buy your home, check out the list below of online information you could take care of to prepare yourself.

  • Search for the perfect neighborhood
  • Calculate potential commute time to school, work, etc.
  • Find out the crime statistics in the local area
  • Are there any environmental concerns to look into?
  • Search for the average household income in the area
  • Local school quality and important information


Before you write your offer get an inspection to ensure the house is safe and doesn’t require too much work and extensive repairs. Ask your realtor to write some contingencies into the contract in this case so you have about a week or two to get the property inspected. If any items are flagged during the inspection you can likely renegotiate your contact due to the extra repairs.


Lastly, it’s time to contact one of our mortgage experts here at Purpose Funding. We are here to answer your questions and set you up for money saving success.


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